When a debtor defaults under a mortgage, a lender needs to act quickly and effectively to protect its interests. We help lenders and mortgage holders protect and enforce their rights. Our litigation attorneys and staff are some of the most knowledgeable in the field representing mortgage bankers and the legal issues that affect them.  We manage all aspects of foreclosure, from complaint through sale, and represent clients in both residential and commercial foreclosures. Our attorneys appear in court in all 67 counties in the State of Florida. We handle all adversary proceedings, contested foreclosures and negotiate settlements between homeowner/homeowner attorneys and clients. Our firm assists lenders and borrowers in finding alternatives to foreclosure. With a team of professionals always up-to-date on the latest loss mitigation and mortgage relief programs, we work within the guidelines provided by each servicer to identify all available options to promote home retention while protecting the interests of our clients. We carefully evaluate each matter that becomes contested to identify truly disputed issues.  Cases that do become litigated are handled thoroughly and aggressively until final judgment has been obtained.  Every litigated file is dealt with pro-actively.  Once final judgment has been obtained, our staff ensures that the client’s bidding instructions have been received and oversees all aspects of the foreclosure sale so that title vests in the name of our client or its designee. Our firm’s post-sale and eviction practices manage the necessary actions to move a foreclosed property onto the market. Judgments prepared by our firm direct the clerk of the court to issue a writ of possession upon application of the plaintiff and without subsequent order of the court, when the court allows. Our team works diligently to move the file through the process while keeping the servicer updated on all action including the scheduled eviction and lockout date for all matters.